Tempcon Group are specialists in temperature controlled transport. We help you tailor a customized solution that optimally meets your specific needs and specifications.


In Tempcon Group's warehouses and terminals, your goods are in safe hands. The goods are handled and stored in premises that comply with the latest legislation and the most stringent requirements for efficiency, hygiene and safety.

In close collaboration with the customer
A close collaboration with the customer where service and quality are always in focus is the basis for us at PL Fraktservice. We started our operations in Uddevalla in 1994 and have been part of Tempcon Group since September 2018. We primarily provide temperate transports of chilled, frozen and warm goods. Of course, we also solve other transport assignments. We start from our terminal in Uddevalla where we offer opportunities for cross docking as well as storage of both chilled, frozen, warm and dry goods. As a customer of PL Fraktservice, you should feel confident that we always handle your products in a professional manner in an unbroken cold chain from a secure terminal. Ever since the start, we have constantly worked to develop and improve our transports in close cooperation with customers. Environmental issues are always of the highest priority for us and we regularly replace our vehicles to have a fleet that reduces our environmental impact.

The staff our most important resource
One of the most important resources we have is our staff. At the same time as we place high demands on a professional approach in everyday life, we ensure that we have a high level of care and maintenance of our vehicles in order to offer as safe a workplace as possible. We have alcolock-controlled key cabinets for increased security and continuously follow up our work to optimize and improve our offering to the market. We also train our staff regularly to always ensure that they have knowledge of the latest technology and the latest findings.

We solve your logistics
We solve everyday logistics for both small and large businesses, regardless of the type of goods in question. As a customer with us at PL Fraktservice, we want you to focus on what you do best and we will solve the logistics for you. Our ambition is for you as a customer to feel secure that your transports are carried out in a legal manner and that the goods reach the recipient at the right time, in the right place and with the right temperature.

Our coworkers

Mattias Orstam

Operational manager & CFO +46 (0)706-34 99 00

Emil Olsson

Traffic & salaries administration +46 (0)706-25 13 95

Marcus Lundin

HR & head traffic management +46 (0)706-00 94 20

Maud Orstam

Administration +46 (0)706-38 90 89

Joakim Qvist

Traffic manager +46 (0)706-25 36 03

Henrik Gunnarsson

Traffic manager +46 (0)706-25 14 23

Isac Helsing

Traffic manager +46 (0)722-29 99 84

Markus Bismann

Vehicle manager +46 (0)706-25 30 42



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Kontor & terminal

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Whistleblower channel

HERE you will find information about our whistleblower channel and how we handle whistleblower matters. You can also submit a case via the link HERE.